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About Us

In 2020 after winning a Semi-Pro national Championship, we decided to order rings through a big and popular ring company. (that won't be named) We were asked to pay $350 a ring and had a team minimum to even have our orders processed! After 3 months of waiting and hearing nothing, we were informed that we were 1 yes ONE ring short of the company minimum for purchasing rings through them. Well, after receiving my $350 back I vowed to never work with nor for any company that can't assure us of at least the little things. Fast forward to 2021, I designed and built our first championship ring for the indoor football team I was playing with and the rest is history!


When we launched, we couldn’t even dream of what The Ring Godz was destined to become. Each ring highlights our customers unique design, enabling each customer to express their personal story and journey.

We pride our jewelers on creating stunning designs. If you desire to work with our team, rest assured our dedicated team will go the extra mile to offer you the item you were looking for or customize one at your request. Scroll through our work and let us know how we can bring your team's vision to life!

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