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How Do I Order?

If you are ready to order wit us, just get in touch! You can select the contact us button or email directly to

and let us know what your vision of a ring is! If you have mockups already, Great! and if not that's fine too! Our team of designers can draw up whatever you can dream up!

How do I Pay?

Upon the final creation of your ring, an invoice will be sent via text or email. From there you can pay through our completely mobile and easy to use payment portal!

Cost are $250 for a single ring and $200 for a purchase of 2+ fully custom rings!

For a cheaper alternative, Etched rings are available for $200 for the first ring and $75 for each other ring! (Per size)

How long does it take?

After you have the design you desire, from creation of your Custom Ring to the doorstep doorstep of your house takes around 20-25 days.

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